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If you are looking for genuine leather oxford shoes for men, consider the stylishly fashionable Asher Green AG500! Whether you want a shoe to wear to work, to school, or any other occasion, no other product brings out your fashion sense like this pair of footwear. Featuring a genuine calf leather outer cover, you are sure to be a head turner, whether you like it or not.

It could be that you are looking to give oomph to your professional look with a new pair of mens leather shoes or you want to impress at a social event, Asher Green AG500 calf leather shoes are all you need. You can wear these shoes with virtually any matching clothes.

Design Quality
The AG500 has a genuine leather lining for more durable and comfortable footwear. It won’t feel like that when you wear the shoes for the first time. No need to worry. You only need to wear it a couple of times before it fits perfectly onto your feet.

Manufacturing Quality
Asher Green has a way of making unique products that have no match on the market. Talking about this particular model, you will appreciate the calf leather toe-cap complete with a classic waxy finish that is common with oxford shoes. It is a continuation of the tradition in which Asher Green has been hand-making some of the best shoes around.

The shoes are first crafted before being hand-stitched for a classic-looking oxford pair of shoe. Through the hand burnishing technique, the makers of these shoes ensure every pair of shoes stands out of its own account. Talk about giving it a personal touch.
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