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Smoking Slippers



Amali Style Flipp If you prefer subdued, neutral-toned dress shoes then you‰۪re in the wrong place, but if you want to dazzle the crowd, stun spectators, and stand out in a sea of boring smoking slippers look no further. The Flipp is the ‰ÛÏIt‰۝ thing this season, and it‰۪s out of the ordinary design is bound to be a recurring trend. Handcrafted with individual sequins already make these shoe pop but what really makes these loafers so distinctive is the reversibility! ‰ÛÏFlipp‰۝ individual sequins or sections of sequins to make whatever pattern you want, or flip every sequin to create a whole new shoe! Go from dazzling gold to sparkling black, or sparkling black to gleaming silver.åÊ

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