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Smoking Slippers


Slip into these plush and luxurious loafers by Amali and get ready to experience the ultimate combination of high fashion and posh comfort.

- Made with a solid quilted lining and accented with floral-patterned sequins, the Amali men’s slip-on loafer offers the soft and comfy feel of a slipper with the glamorous look of designer dress shoes. Add a hint of sparkle to any outfit with classic slip-on driving shoes, the perfect accessory for dressing up an everyday wardrobe.

- A trendy update on the classic slip-on loafer, the Chevy-style driving shoe by Amali is a go-to option for the style-conscious gentlemen who want to add a hint of glamour to a basic collection of everyman casual. The black rubber outsole features a blocked heel, an essential detail that gives you a distinctive and confident stride. Slip on these flashy men’s smoking slippers and effortlessly go from the dance floor to the boudoir with their smart combination of comfort and style.

- Following the cue of the latest runway trends, these sharp and sexy slip-on driving shoes are available in a range of metallic shades, including Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Adorn your feet with glittery details and luxurious fabrics, the perfect combination for putting an extra spring in your step.

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