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5 Men's Casual Office Wear Looks to Bring Back to Work

A man wearing men’s casual office wear adjusting his tie

Men’s casual office wear is always changing. At the same time, there are some types of men’s casual office attire that will never go out of style. Of course, every office has its own dress code, but you usually can’t go wrong with classics like Oxfords, slacks, and button-ups, for example. Acquiring a solid business casual wardrobe is an important step for any professional. After all, a sharp, put-together look inspires confidence. Try these five looks to dress for success when you head back to the office post-COVID!

1. An Outfit Fit for Royalty

Royal blue is a fantastic color for office wear. It’s bold yet sophisticated — perfect for gentlemen who want to make an impression without going too overboard with flashiness. You can start this men’s casual office wear look with a royal blue button-up and matching royal blue dress shoes. Khakis are a great complement, or grey, off-white, or black slacks are all excellent choices.

2. The New Black

A man buttoning his black suit


A sleek outfit with black as the main focus can be incredibly stylish if you do it right. It’s a powerful look that requires confidence. Instead of the usual Oxfords, consider wearing black dress boots or even casual boots instead. They’ll look amazing with a pair of grey chinos and a black collared shirt — just make sure they both fit perfectly and are clean and pressed.

3. Like a Fine Wine

Burgundy is a superb choice for men’s casual office wear. It’s a deep, robust color that adds flavor to an outfit, yet it’s subdued and refined enough to exude pure class. Try pairing burgundy shoes with white, grey, or beige slacks, a blue shirt, and a burgundy tie for a dapper look that always works. Or, if you’d rather skip the tie, wear a burgundy sweater vest with a white or sky blue button-up.

4. Plan for Tan

A man wearing a tan jacket with a black turtleneck


Khakis are a staple in men’s casual office attire. They pair beautifully with tan/cognac shoes or brown shoes. In fact, that combination works with virtually any top you can imagine. As you build your men’s casual office wear wardrobe, make sure you always have some khakis and a pair of brown kicks ready to go. You’ll thank yourself when you’re running late in the morning! You could also wear a tan suit jacket with a black turtleneck for a smart look with that clean, tan desert vibe.

5. Garnish Your Look With Olive

Finally, every gentleman should have some olive in their wardrobe (and their martini). Match some olive green shoes to your olive green shirt, and finish the look with a pair of navy blue corduroys or chinos. Or, pair olive slacks with a crisp white button-up and some cognac loafers for an elegant aesthetic that’s sure to impress.

Save on Quality Business Casual Footwear

Variety is the spice of life! As you create your men’s casual office wear wardrobe, be sure to give yourself plenty of options. Your shoes can make or break the look, so stock up on quality dress shoes — we have hundreds of styles, every color you can imagine, and virtually every size. Orders over $50 ship free, so add your favorites to your cart now. Put your best foot forward with quality shoes that bring your men’s casual office attire to perfection.

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