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What Shoe Colors Go With Everything? Our Favorite Men's Versatile Shoes

A man lacing a pair of black dress shoes

There are some shoe colors that go with everything and should be staples in every well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with adding a pop of fresh color to your look, there’s beauty in simplicity, and some outfits just don’t work with certain hues. The most versatile men’s shoes are neutral-toned — black, brown, white, grey, and beige. Follow this guide to style them like a pro!

1. Black

The Bryan black shoes

Sleek, sophisticated, and supremely stylish, black shoes always work. Black dress shoes are ideal for any occasion where sharp attire is required, while black sneakers pair with virtually any casual outfit you can dream up. When shopping for shoe colors that go with everything, start with something black. They work with both warmer and cooler shades, so no matter what you decide to wear, you won’t have to think twice about your footwear.

2. Brown


Brown shoes are a superb choice for guys who wear a lot of dapper clothing, especially business casual styles. A pair of brown Oxfords with chinos, khakis, corduroys or even dark denim is always a smart look, especially when paired with a button-up or a sweater. Brown dress boots are another excellent option if you want to add some excitement to your look while still keeping it snappy.

3. White

A man wearing white sneakers looking at his reflection in the water

As you shop for shoe colors that go with everything, don’t forget about crisp, clean white shoes. A pair of casual white sneakers is a timeless look that’s always in style. White dress shoes are a different story. While they technically will match any outfit, white dress shoes are a bold choice that works best with outfits that lean on the more ritzy, luxurious side.

4. Grey

grey shoes

When considering the most versatile men’s shoes, pay attention to whether you’re wearing warmer or cooler tones. Grey shoes pair best with cooler tones like blues, greens, and purples. They’re a great change of pace when you want something that’s elegant but a bit more exciting than the more traditional black, brown, or white options.

5. Tan

tan shoes

Finally, when it comes to shoe colors that go with everything, tan shoes are styled similarly to grey, only they work best with warmer tones like reds, oranges, and yellows. They provide an earthy look that can work equally well with relaxed outfits and business attire. Try pairing them with darker-colored slacks like navy blue to add some contrast to your ensemble.

Shop Quality Footwear in Every Color

We carry a huge variety of well crafted, American-designed shoes in neutral tones as well as vibrant colors. Whether you’re seeking one pair to rule them all or a variety of colors for any occasion, you’ll find some incredible deals here. We hope this guide on shoe colors that go with everything has been helpful as you plan your next purchase. Shop by color now to find the most versatile men’s shoes to fit your wardrobe!

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