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The Ultimate Shoe Gift Guide for Men

A woman giving a man a shoe gift

Not all shoe gifts are equal! If you’re shopping for gifts for shoe lovers, you want to be confident that they’re going to wear the pair (even when you’re not around). At the same time, you don’t want to end up giving them something too similar to a pair they already own. Fortunately, we know shoes, and we’re happy to suggest some ideas to make your gift hunting a little easier.

1. Colorful Dress Shoes

Just Men’s Shoes is famous for carrying footwear in every color of the rainbow, and more. While there’s a good chance the shoe aficionado in your life already owns some traditional black, brown, or grey dress shoes, getting them shoe gifts they might not go out and buy on their own is a great approach. They probably don’t own any dress shoes in yellow, for example, but that doesn’t mean they won’t fall in love with them at first sight! Shop by color to find something that you think will fit their aesthetic.

2. Smoking Slippers

A man wearing smoking slippers sitting on a couch next to a woman

The great thing about smoking slippers is that even if they already own a pair, you can never have too many. After all, this style of loafers is all about leisure and luxury. Lucky for you (and them), our selection of smoking slippers is second to none. Orange with rhinestones? Check. Plush purple velvet with a gold chain? We’ve got that too.

3. Wedding Shoes

While shopping for shoe gifts for shoe lovers, you may want to think about specialty footwear they may not own. Every shoe collection should include at least one pair of wedding shoes for those special occasions when traditional formal footwear just won’t do. At these prices, you can get a matching pair for every person at the party!

4. Something Exotic

You never know when you might need shoes with crocodile patterns or tiger stripes, but it’s certainly nice to have the option ready when the mood strikes. Just like all of our footwear, our exotic shoes are American-designed and handcrafted with care — they’re just designed for folks who like to walk on the wild side. If you’re looking for something unabashedly fun, exotic shoe gifts are the way to go!

5. Shoes That Shine

men’s shiny gold shoes

Finally, when it comes to gifts for shoe lovers, sometimes you just want something larger than life so you can see their eyes pop when they open the box. Here at Just Men’s Shoes, we carry gold shoes, rose gold shoes, and silver shoes that shine almost as bright as the recipients smile after receiving them.

Don’t Forget to Browse Our Sales

There you have it — five fantastic gifts any footwear fan would be thrilled to receive. Much like shoes, the best shoe gifts come in pairs, so why not browse our sales section and $10+ last pairs and double the fun for the cost of the wrapping paper and bow? Give the gift of high fashion without the high price. Shop Just Men’s Shoes now!

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