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Smoking Slippers



A modern take on a classic smoking slipper, these plush velvet dress shoes are sure to be noticed. Soft manmade velvet upper is adorned with a gold chain ornament, taking these timeless slip-on shoes from basic to bold.

Pair with a black-and-pop color ensemble to create a complete, statement-making look. This style is ideal for special events, such as New Year’s Eve, holiday parties, date night, clubbing, or any other festive occasion where making an impact with your outfit is key. These loafers are as comfortable as they are stylish—they’re perfect to wear again and again.

- Available in a wide range of colors: Purple, Black, and Burgundy
- Large Gold Chain ornament make this loafers go from ordinary to run way ready
- Perfect for special occasions: Weddings, Proms, Homecomings, Themed Parties, or even just a night out on the town.

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