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Smoking Slippers


Amali Presents - The Hauser 2 a luxury velvet loafer featuring a crushed design and a wide variety of colors so you can create the most creative color coordinated outfits.

Step into style and elegance when you don Amali’s newest fashion forward smoking slipper. Imagine stepping into your prom and all eyes are instantly fixated on your shoes, now that’s a prom king worthy entrance! The Hauser 2 will help you accomplish just that this luxury velvet slip on embodies class and elegance, the crushed velvet makes these loafers anything but boring, and the wide variety of color choices ensures you can color coordinate your outfit, or match your date or your mate!


- Available in a wide variety of colors so you can expertly coordinate you special event looks.
- Choose from Teal, Black, Red, Green, Silver or Purple. Luxury velvet features a unique crushed design.

- Black piping offers a clean sophisticated look.
- Perfect for special occasions: Perfect for weddings, wedding parties, proms, themed parties, home coming and even costume! Or dare to be bold and wear these slippers the next night you’re out on the town.

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