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Best Wedding Shoes for the Groom

man putting on dress shoes

Your big day is coming and it’s time to shop for that essential finishing touch to your wedding outfit—classy groom shoes. While the right shoe for your wedding is all about style and all-day comfort, you probably have a firm grasp of your overall style to ensure consistency with the entire bridal party. Want a retro or vintage look? Make sure to match the style of your shoes to complete your look.

Get started with these five cool men’s wedding dress shoes for grooms.

Erin Smoking Slippers By Amali

If you’re all about stepping up on your big day with statement-making wedding shoes for the groom, these two-toned, paisley-designed, and glitter-encrusted tuxedo slippers are a perfect choice. Erin Smoking Slippers feature a classic silhouette adorned with a striking design and finish that gives them a timeless and bold look for elevating your entire wedding outfit. They are offered in royal blue, red, and gold tones.

 Erin Smoking Slippers By Amali

Asher Green AG380 Cognac Loafers By Asher Green

Asher Green AG380 Cognac Loafers are a great pick when you want to rock your wedding in a simple, yet elegant, way while ensuring you still stand out in the crowd. This is a genuine woven shoe that sets your unique personality apart while adding classic elegance to your wedding outfit. If you’re looking for men’s wedding dress shoes designed with the small details you need to stay cool and confident, get the Asher Green 380 Cognac loafers.

asher green cognac loafers

Sarlo Royal Smoking Slippers By Bolano

Sarlo smoking slippers are the epitome of clean, classic style with a sophisticated look that adds more flair to any bold wedding outfit. If you’re looking for men’s wedding dress shoes that add a splash of color to any groom’s outfit, Sarlo Royal Smoking Slippers by Bolano are perfect casual-dressy shoes for your big day. Enjoy that bold and dapper touch you’ve always wanted.

balano sarlo royal smoking slippers

The 179 Grey (Neutral) Derbys By Viotti

If standing out is more your style, the 179 Grey (Neutral) Derbys by Viotti is a stylish dress shoe with a fashionable and functional complement to any neutral-colored wedding suit. The derby is available in a variety of rich and intense hues to top off any vibrant wedding outfit and set a statement on a big day. The lace-up 179 Grey Derby features striped satin down the vamp with matching patent on the sides and a non-leather sole with a blocked heel.

viotti grey derbys

Bandit Burgundy Derbys By Bolano

The best men’s wedding dress shoes are all about eye-catching accents. The Bandit Burgundy Oxford Dress Shoes by Bolano are a must-have accessory for the dapper gentleman. Featuring distinctive details, a fusion of classic and modern accents, and a beautiful Croco folded print cap toe, the Bandit Burgundy is a unique and truly exotic shoe that will stand out in your wedding. Pick the perfect color to express your personal style and match your color-themed wedding.

Bandit Burgundy Derbys By Bolano

Shop Classy Wedding Shoes Now

Looking for wedding shoes for the groom? Whether you want an understated shoe that elevates your classic look or a bold shoe that makes a statement, shop what you need for the big day at Just Men’s Shoes. Our shoes are American-designed and handcrafted for you. Enjoy high fashion without the price. Shop the best men’s wedding dress shoes now.

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