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Blooming Color Trends: Men’s Spring Shoes

colored shoes

When it comes to fashion, colors carry a lot of meaning and there’s no better time to express your colorful style than during spring. With so many blooming color trends for men’s spring shoes, you’ll be surprised at some of the spring footwear options on trend this season. From neutrals to outside-the-box colors that are easy to wear with breezy spring clothes, your options are endless.

Ready to add a touch of color to your spring outfits? Here are some blooming spring shoe trends for men.

Blue to Classic Pearl Gray

Blue is now considered the “new black” and is the perfect spring color for men’s shoes. Dark blue and electric blue are both great options to add some flair to any classic suit or a more casual outfit. Shoes in blue can be worn comfortably during the day and perfectly transition to a night out. Lighter colors like turquoise and sugar paper are also great springtime shades.

Men’s spring shoes in pearly gray are also a great pick for the season. This color creates a timeless trend and is the perfect color when you want to bring a classic luxe style to any casual or formal outfit. Get started with lace-up dress shoes or suede brogues.

mens blue oxfords

Lime to the Brightest Orange

Colors ranging from the yellow-tinged lime to the brightest orange are also trendy spring colors for men’s shoes. The colors are associated with nature, high energy, and confidence. If you have doubts about what color to choose for your men’s spring shoe collection, colors ranging from lime to brighter orange are recommended for a nice pop.

Match your shoes with neutral colors, like white and tan, for that bold look and attention-grabbing style that conveys excitement and enthusiasm. Think of shoe styles like classic oxfords for formal wear or everyday faux leather slip-on shoes in lime.

mens lime shoes

Pink to Gentle Lilac

One of the first colors that come to mind when you think of spring is pink. From hot pinks to the more subtle hues, pink is no doubt a statement color. While it's attributed to female fashion, men are also embracing this bold shoe color trend. Gentle lilac is also a versatile and gentle color that looks great with other brighter colors and neutrals.

Some of the most ideal men’s spring shoes available in these colors include slip-on loafers and fancy moccasins that can be combined with a white shirt and other bold looks.

mens lavender shoes

Brown to Pale Yellow

Warm colors are also a favorite for spring wear. Think of brown to cinnamon and ocher to pale yellow colors. These colors go well with white, pink, beige, and even more extravagant colors like blue and red. These options are most versatile for any casual or formal wear during spring. Earthy colors have a bit more personality and look great on everything from trousers to shirts.

mens yellow shoes

Some of the spring shoe trends in brown colors include suede and velvet wingtip dress shoes for smart casual and even formal wear. Warm colors are a perfect choice when you want to dress down a formal outfit. If you look around, you’ll notice that this color range is a popular go-to choice for celebrities and fashionistas alike.

Get Your Men’s Spring Shoes in Colors You Love

If you’re ready to shop for spring footwear for men, get started at Just Men’s Shoes. We bring you American-designed shoes for men from designer brands you love. Grab everyone’s attention with elegant shoes in your favorite spring colors. Shop and get free shipping on orders $50+.

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