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How to Wear Smoking Slippers

A gentleman wearing a tuxedo and checking his watch

Understanding how to wear smoking slippers is an important step on any gentleman’s fashion journey. An often misunderstood style, smoking slippers can indeed be worn even if you’re not lounging in an armchair, reading the newspaper, and nursing a pipe! In fact, this style of moccasin is much more versatile than most guys realize. Follow these simple steps to style smoking slippers successfully.

1. Think Beyond the Bathrobe

While they share a name, smoking slippers are a far cry from fuzzy, oversized Sunday morning slippers that are frequently paired with a bathrobe. Much like how driving moccasins can be worn even when you’re not in your car, you can rock smoking slippers virtually anywhere. When it comes to learning how to wear smoking slippers, the simple truth is that you can wear them just like any other pair of shoes.

2. Skip the Socks

Smoking slippers are famously luxurious and the easy-breezy no-sock look just fits that vibe and lifestyle. If you must wear socks, choose either something with a fun pattern or color or better yet, invisible socks that sit well below the ankle.

3. Let Your Ankles Breathe

Besides freeing your feet from the confines of socks, wear pants that sit slightly above your ankles. Long, baggy pants are a big no, so opt for tapered trousers, ideally with a slim or skinny cut. As you learn how to wear smoking slippers, don’t be afraid to experiment. Cuffing your slacks once or twice can be a nice touch that helps your slippers pop.

4. Let the Slippers Do the Talking

A gentleman wearing a black and white outfit leaning against a wall


Smoking slippers are a bold shoe choice, and many of them boast some seriously flashy designs like studs, animal patterns, bright colors, and even sparkly rhinestones. Unless you’re really going for an extreme over-the-top, larger-than-life look (more power to you if that’s your aesthetic), you may want to stick with simple patterns and colors. Minimalist and monochrome outfits work great with smoking slippers.

 5. Go Formal

If you’re wondering how to wear smoking slippers, it’s probably because there are so many ways to wear them. Smoking slippers are unique because they’re super casual, yet they pair amazingly well with a tailored suit or even a tux. 

Next time you’re attending an upscale event, try elevating your ensemble with some classy smoking slippers instead of the usual cookie-cutter dress shoes. Of course, smoking slippers work great with a smoking jacket, but you can also skip the jacket and just wear a dapper dress shirt and tie or bow tie for a more modern formal look.

Browse Quality Smoking Slippers for Less

Now that you have a better grasp on how to wear smoking slippers, why not add a pair (or two) to your collection? Here at Just Men’s Shoes, we carry a huge variety of smoking slippers from top brands like Amali and Bolano. We have options in virtually every color, including some extreme high-fashion looks without the high price. 

As always, fashion rules are meant to be broken, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your look. Put your best foot forward with Just Men’s Shoes!

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