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How to Style Wingtip Shoes

brown wingtip shoe

Learning how to wear wingtip shoes properly is an important step for snazzy dressers. They’re the more laid-back cousin of Oxfords, making them a very versatile choice for many outfits.

Like any shoe, article of clothing, or accessory, there are some “rules” for styling them successfully, but at the same time, fashion rules are meant to be broken, so don’t stress if your look doesn’t abide by these guidelines. That said, let’s take a look at how to style wingtip shoes!

What Are Wingtips, Anyways?

Wingtips are technically dress shoes in the Oxford family, but they have more of a casual vibe. The first step in understanding how to wear wingtip shoes is being able to identify them. Fortunately, that’s easy once you know what to look for. Wingtips have a “W” shape that meets in the middle of the toe and spreads approximately halfway across the sides.

You’ll find that men’s wingtips often feature brogueing, which is the punched detailing that adds some flair to the shoe. There are various types of brogue shoes depending on the design: full brogue, quarter brogue, long-wing brogue, and semi-brogue. While brogueing is very common with wingtips, it’s not a requirement. Look for the “W”!

A Staple in Business Casual Wardrobes

As you experiment with how to wear wingtip shoes, you’ll find that they tend to work best with business casual outfits. Wingtips are dress shoes, but they’re on the more relaxed end of the spectrum. While you can pair them with a suit and a tie, there are usually dressier options that work better. Wingtips complement khakis and chinos with button-ups, sweaters, and sweater vests beautifully.

A Relaxed Dress Shoe for Casual Attire

Brown wingtip shoes with brogueing paired with raw denim jeans

While learning how to style wingtip shoes, don’t overlook how well they can work paired with some cuffed raw denim jeans and a polo shirt. They’re a solid option when you want to look more put-together than you would wearing sneakers. Of course, when figuring out how to wear wingtip shoes, you’ll find that they don’t work with everything. Make sure you’re wearing something sharp — no athletic wear!

Shop Quality Wingtips for Less

We hope these wingtip tips have been helpful! Here at Just Men’s Shoes, we carry a huge variety of American-designed, handcrafted dress shoes, so browse around to find a pair that strikes your fancy. You’ll find that all of our shoes are a remarkable value, so shop our collections with confidence.

Questions or comments? Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! We’re always thrilled to hear from gentlemen who appreciate fine footwear as much as we do. Now that you know how to style wingtips, it’s time to add a pair or two to your closet. Complete your look with stylish wingtips today!

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