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Our Favorite Men's Boots to Wear With Jeans

A man wearing cuffed blue jeans with brown casual boots

Finding the right boots to wear with jeans can be a tricky task, especially if you’re a sneaker person looking for your first pair of boots. If you’re not careful, boots and jeans can look quite disproportionate. On the other hand, the combination can look incredibly dapper, as long as you follow some basic fashion tips. Let’s take a look at our favorite pairs of men’s boots that go with jeans.

1. Asher Green AG6011

Asher Green AG6011 brown boots

Asher Green AG6011 ($39.99)

Our Asher Green AG6011 boots are the perfect match for jeans. They have a classic, rugged, work boot aesthetic, only elevated. Handcrafted from genuine leather suede, these boots would work fantastically with dark blue raw denim jeans cuffed at the ankle. When it comes to choosing boots to wear with jeans, your accessories can make a big difference. In this case, these boots would look fantastic with a matching brown leather (or suede) jacket.

2. Amali Rancho

Amali Rancho black boots

Amali Rancho ($99.99)

Our Amali Rancho boots are an ideal choice for guys who appreciate an edgier vibe. These boots have a unique look that’s kind of a hybrid between moto boots and cowboy boots. They would look great with boot-cut jeans or pair them with your favorite distressed jeans and a flannel for a look reminiscent of 90s grunge. These boots would also look awesome with slim-fitting black jeans and your favorite band t-shirt. If you like the look of these Rancho boots to wear with jeans, be sure to check out our Rancho1, Rancho2, and Rancho3 models too.

3. Amali Jason2 (Smooth)

Amali Jason2 smooth black boots

Amali Jason2 (Smooth) $63.99)

When shopping for men’s boots that go with jeans, be sure to consider your go-to style of jeans. For example, if you prefer baggier jeans, you should seek out chunkier boots. Similarly, if you typically wear slim-fitting jeans, you’re probably going to want some sleek, low-profile boots. Our Amali Jason2 (Smooth) chukka boot is an excellent choice for guys who wear jeans on the baggy side. We also offer Jason2 boots in faux suede in a variety of bold colors, pastel colors, and neutral colors.

4. Asher Green AG6200

Asher Green AG6200 brown boots

Asher Green AG6200 ($99.99)

Our Asher Green AG6200 boots are perfect if you’re looking for boots to wear with jeans with a slimmer cut. These sharp boots blend the iconic style of European boots with beautiful brown or black genuine leather. Pair them with slim jeans and a vintage tee for a cool rock ‘n’ roll vibe that’s crisp and clean. These boots are surprisingly versatile, as they work equally well dressed up or dressed down.

Explore All of Our Boots

You can’t go wrong with any of these boots, but we highly recommend that you browse all of our casual boots to find a pair that matches your personal style. After all, there’s no single best type of boots to wear with jeans — what works for one gentleman isn’t necessarily ideal for the next! For expert advice selecting men’s boots that go with jeans, feel free to contact us anytime. Add some quality boots to your collection, and get an incredible deal at Just Men’s Shoes!

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