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Our spiked dress shoes deliver a bold, daring look that‘s sure to turn heads. These studded dress shoes aren’t for everyone, and that’s why we love them! If you’re looking to add some edge and attitude to an ensemble, these kicks are sure to please. Pair them with your favorite jeans and a leather jacket for a punk rock aesthetic, or wear them with a flashy suit for a glamorous look.

These Kicks Go to 11

American-designed and handcrafted by respected brands like Amali and Bolano, these spiked dress shoes don’t just look incredible — they’re also a fantastic value. We only carry high-quality shoes that you can rely on to last. Once you see (and feel) these studded kicks up close and personal, you’ll truly understand the meaning of a sharp pair of shoes!

Discover Rockin’ Deals

We’re known for our everyday closeout prices, but that’s just the beginning. Stop by our sales section and $10+ last pairs where you’ll find top-quality footwear at rock-bottom prices. Orders over $50 ship free, so go ahead and add your favorite pairs to your collection. You can even shop by color to color match any outfit!

Contact Us for Help With Your Order

If you have any questions about these spiked dress shoes, please contact us so one of our friendly experts can assist you with your order. These studded shoes are breathtaking — pictures simply don’t do them justice! They’re an outstanding gift choice for those who embrace the more audacious things in life or add a pair to your personal collection so you always have an over-the-top option for special occasions. Complete your look today!