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Men’s Essential Shoes: 10 Types of Shoes That Every Guy Should Own

A view from above of blue jeans and brown dress shoes

A footwear collection is never truly complete, but there are certain types of men’s essential shoes that every gentleman should own. Of course, everyone has their own style preferences, so don’t worry if these men’s must-have shoes don’t float your boat. These are just guidelines to help you build a versatile wardrobe that’ll make it easy to dress to impress for any occasion.

Without further adieu, here are 10 men’s footwear fashion staples!

1. Traditional Dress Shoes

A dapper pair of dress shoes is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to elevate their shoe game. Some classy brown or black wing-tips are arguably the quintessential examples of men’s essential shoes. From first dates to workdays to nights on the town, you might be surprised by how versatile dressy footwear can be. You can pair them with jeans or khakis successfully, and they immediately make any outfit look that much more put-together.

2. Casual Boots

Every guy should own at least one pair of casual boots. Some suede (or faux suede) chukkas are a favorite among in-the-know snazzy dressers. They have a look that’s casual yet smart, and they’re incredibly comfortable — perfect for everyday wear. We highly recommend our Amali Jason2. They’re available in virtually every color imaginable, as well as some handsome neutral tones.

3. Everyday Sneakers

As you explore men’s essential shoes, don’t get so caught up in the fancy stuff that you overlook a simple pair of sneakers. Some black or white minimalist sneakers can be paired with so many different styles, and you’ll love having a super comfy option for long walks or days spent on your feet. When shopping for men’s must-have shoes, make sure you have some simple options for those days when you don’t want your footwear to be the focal point of an outfit.

4. Classic Loafers

Loafers are an iconic style that doesn’t always get their due credit for versatility. Not only are they incredibly convenient to slip on and off at the drop of a hat, but we included them on this list of men’s essential shoes because they pair with basically anything! Even the right summer attire can look great with a pair of loafers. They can transform from laid-back to sophisticated depending on what you’re wearing.

5. Fashionable Dress Boots

A man wearing Chelsea boots

Classic dress shoes are great and all, but when you really want a smart look, go for some dress boots. Besides looking incredibly cool, they offer excellent protection for your feet, and the more you wear them and break them in, the better they feel. Chelsea boots are a superb choice, as they can look snappy with chinos and a polo, or pair them with jeans and a t-shirt for a rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

6. Dapper Monkstraps

While shopping for men’s essential shoes, be sure to consider the sharp look of monkstraps. The buckle adds an old-timey feel, but they can certainly deliver a contemporary look with the right outfit. These men’s must-have shoes are the perfect complement to some corduroys and a button-up top with a sweater vest — a look that exudes elegance and class.

7. Something Exotic

Even if you’re a modest dresser, you never know when you might want to let your inner wild child out to play! Perfect for parties, dance clubs, or anytime you just want to turn heads, some kicks that make you smile should absolutely be on your shopping list of men’s essential shoes. Exotic Print, crystals and rhinestones, spikes and studs, and paisley patterns can all add a fun, bold twist to your usual aesthetic.

8. Luxurious Smoking Slippers

When you want to feel like an absolute king, some luxurious smoking slippers will do the trick. Whether you pair them with a velvet smoking jacket, a tailored suit, or a bathrobe, you’re going to love flaunting these extravagant slip-ons. These leisurely men’s must-have shoes are perfect for wearing around the house or around the town, playing the role of either slipper or shoe depending on your mood.

9. Formal Footwear

While a pair of formal shoes doesn’t need to be the highest priority on your list of men’s essential shoes, it’s nice to have them around for special occasions. Some tuxedo shoes add that finishing touch to formal attire, ensuring that you look stunning whether you’re at the prom, a wedding, or a black-tie event. Sure, you’ll probably only pull them out once in a blue moon, but you’ll be glad to have the option when it’s time to get fancy.

10. Athletic Sneakers

A man jogging by the water

Finally, every shoe collection needs a pair of sneakers dedicated to physical activity. Even if you’re not an athlete, athletic shoes are so comfortable, and you’ll be glad to have a pair of these around when you don’t want to dirty your other footwear. Some athletic men’s essential shoes are a must for the gym and exercise in general, but they also look fantastic with athleisure and sportswear.

Fill Your Closet for Less

With these men’s must-have shoes in your collection, you’ll always be prepared for anything. Building a well-rounded shoe collection can get expensive if you’re not careful, but we make it easy and affordable for you to shop for high-end looks without the usual high prices. In addition to offering handcrafted, American-designed footwear at everyday discount prices, we also have many shoes on sale, including a customer favorite — $10 and up last pairs!

It’s a well-known fact that your choice of footwear can make or break your look, so go ahead and treat yourself to any of these men’s essential shoes your collection is currently lacking. We have virtually every style, color, and size imaginable, so spend some time exploring our inventory to find your new go-to kicks. Complete your look with high-quality shoes at budget-friendly prices!

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